Welcome, I'm so glad you are here! ROKderm is the name of Dr. Rolah M. Lønning Osman's beauty and aesthetics company, and this is the homepage for and by Rolah - me. Here you will find the ROKderm blog where I write about everything beauty, this is also where you will find personal updates as I move deeper into the world of beauty, cosmetics and aesthetic medicine. By subscribing you'll receive my weekly newsletter.

I'm so happy to meet you!

My name is Rolah M. Lønning Osman. I'm a cosmetic doctor, author and blogger. I've had a lifelong love affair to the skin, and it has become a passion for me to figure out how to best care for it. I have a strong love for beauty, and everything that makes me feel beauty in the world.

During my time at medical school I have taken part in a 4 year long research project concerning skin cancer, this was published in the journal Melanoma Research. I have also partaken in a number of dermatology attachments in Norway, Hungary and the UK. After graduating medical school I worked at the university hospital in Stavanger (my home town), and also created ROKderm inc. In 2014 I published my first book on skin called "Frisk Hud" / "Healthy skin".  A third edition is in the making, and we have plans to bring this to Sweden in the near future. At the moment I am living in Stockholm, working on growing ROKderm and practicing aesthetic medicine in Stockholm with Dr.K clinics and in Stavanger Norway at the BeWell clinic.



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ROKderm started out as a simple beauty blog with a medical twist, it has now grown to a company through which I deliver services in cosmetic medicine and skincare, publish articles and my book Frisk Hud. ROKderm also works closely with the BeWell clinic in Stavanger/Sandnes, and Dr.Kclinics, and Dr.Kacademy in Stockholm. For dates as to which events I'm involved with next, visit my events-page.

I have big and imminent plans for ROKderm. Please feel free to follow me here, as I continue this amazing adventure!