And so, I too enter the wide unknown of the Blogosphere

Hello wide unknown. My name is Rolah. I’m a Norwegian girl, currently studying medicine on my 6th and final year. I’m a total skin fanatic, obviously aiming to become a marvelous dermatologist one day. Skin is my passion and deep within I sense it is also my destiny. I’m both a dreamer and a doer, and with that in mind I have decided to start blogging, in hopes of widening my own horizon in the field, and constructively devoting my time to researching what I dream about the most. I’m looking forward to showing you bits and pieces of information I have gathered over the years, as well as share products I’ve come to love, and whatever else I find in my everyday life related to my skin, and I’ll tell you, it’s a lot!

I’ll always write about topics that thoroughly interest me, and which will hopefully interest you as well. I would love for you to ask questions, post comments or request certain topics for me to research and write about.

I hereby, swear on all that is skin holy, with my hand on my skin bible (Braun-Falco’s  Dermatology book)  to

  1. Keep it relevant
  2. Include some science
  3. Not be (too) boring
  4. Answer questions as best I can
  5. Keep it varied


Please do let me know if things become either too technical or superficial!

Thanks for now, and stay tuned for my first proper post coming soon!