The Skin and I

Image I remember as a child how I would raid my mother’s beauty cabinet, and come out looking like a miniature Joker from Batman every time, happy as a lark. I guess all girls do this at some point in their feminine development, but I dare say I was an early bloomer to the wonderful world of cosmetics.

I guess my mother first suspected I was a “vain child” after I used my crayon as lipstick, in front of my “makeup desk” (drawer from IKEA) and mirror which I had my dad set up in my room, and she was convinced when I developed a nightly body moisturizing routine from age 8..  It didn’t help that I wanted to pursue a carrier as an opera singer based on the fact that you would then have a legitimate reason to wear a dress to work everyday and 45kg of makeup on your face as part of your job description (vain but sneaky you see). I would also diagnose and treat the illnesses the cat obtained during its nightly outings (I know, gross) and was utterly fascinated by my grandfather’s ability to produce dandruff (I know I know, even grosser).

The funny thing is that neither of my parents are the least interested in beauty or cosmetics. Wait, strike that! My dad is a cosmetic pharmacist, so I guess that’s something, right? He never truly worked as one though, so I don’t think it really counts as an influence. Makeup wise I have only seen my mother wear lipstick for special occasions such as a cultural event like the opera, to which she would put on her Dior Poison perfume as well.

Where my skin obsession came from I cannot tell you, although I have heard tales of a woman on my fathers side, a woman I was teasingly named after in my vainest of moments, a woman so stubborn and ill tempered she was rumored to have pushed 3 men from her balcony because they offended her, a woman that was so particular in her taste in horses she would ride nothing but white Arabic stallions (I said horses!)  a woman who took baths in olive oil to ensure her youth and beauty (I feel a post coming up on this),  a woman whose genes most certainly have found their way to me, although I should hope in minimal amounts!

As you may have understood, skin has always been a big part of my interest field and of who I am, and now also who I want to be. My relationship with my skin is a constantly evolving one as it’s needs change dynamically with time and the seasons.

I guess on the inside I’m still that little girl raiding my mother’s beauty cabinet, only difference now is that I’m allowed to, and instead of cats I have turned to diagnosing people’s skin conditions first chance I get.

I can only wonder what lies ahead for me on this path of skin mania that perhaps I didn’t choose at all, but which instead chose me.

- Rolah