My nighttime treatments

This will be a super short post as I have important thesis business to take care of today, and probably all days until end of Friday. I will however do my best to post daily, in spite of being a very busy bee these upcoming days (because I now feel a responsibility to all you out there checking my blog so faithfully!) My posts might however, be shorter than what your used to seeing from me.

One ROKer requested a post on my day and nighttime product recommendations. As I mostly use the sunscreens for daytime, which I mentioned in my posts about the sun and the skin, which you can get by pressing THIS and THIS, and it will pop up in a new tab for you, I have decided to post a pic of my current nighttime treatments.

From left to right:

1. Skin Medica Tri-Retinol Complex - contains 1.01% Retinol, which together with glycolic acid have been shown to induce skin rejuvenation. (Will be reviewing this on its own, its THAT great!)

2. Eucerin Aquaporin Active Rich Hydrating Cream - by Eucerin - this is the Rich version, very hydrating. I use this in between the two acid treatments.

3. Caudalie Vinexpert Firming Serum - Contains a heap of antioxidants, including reservatrol, lets just call it an antioxidant on the rise! I use it both for daytime under my sunscreen and at night under for example the Aquaporin ACTIVE. (This product will be getting its own review down the line)

4. Alpha-H Liquid Gold - contains fruit acids, also know as alpha-hydroxy-acids (AHA's) including glycolic acid.

5. Reviva Labs, 10% Glycolic Acid Cream - Really great glycolig acid containing cream that also has vitamin A, and E as main ingredients. (This one deserves a review on its own as well.. I've got a few now to do, haven't I)

That is all for now! If your lucky, I might have time for one more post before I hit the sack.

Stay tuned dear ROKers!