Reader Question, concerning my 5 must-have beauty poducts!

Daya, my friend and ROKer asked: “If you where to only recommend 5 products. What would they be? “ I quite like this question! And I’ll try summing this up sweet and short for you Daya dearest:

1: Retinol night cream. I have explained the importance of incorporating a retinol product suitable for your skin type, in my post about Retinol. It’s a major antiager, if not THE major antiager, and early usage of this has been scientifically proven to prevent 3 of the main causes of skin aging, and has also been associated to skin rejuvenation. I recommend starting at 0.5% if you’re new to retinol, and I like Skin Ceuticals Retinol 0.5 Refining Night Cream 30ml/1oz.Skin Ceuticals Retinol 0.5  Refining Night Cream 30ml/1oz Its important when choosing a retinol product to consider the packaging, as air and light will damage the retinol and decrease its shelf life. Skinceutical use an air tight, light tight metal pump container. Another good one is Skin Medica Tri-Retinol Complex ES 28.3g/1oz, I use the 1.10%, but they have Skin Medica Tri-Retinol Complex 28.3g/1oz at a lower concentration for new retinol users.Skin Medica Tri-Retinol Complex 28.3g/1oz

2.Glycolic- acid containing night or day cream. Its up to you if you want to use glycolic -acid as part of your day or nighttime regiment, as I know different companies produce both. I recommend using it at night though (when your not using your retinol product), because glycolic acid has been associated with sun- sensitivity. If you do want to use it as a day cream I highly recommend Sesderma’s aglycolic range, they have two creams in the range, both containing 12% glycolic, and both having SPF’s of 15 and 20, respectively. Sesderma Acglicolic Classic Cleamoisturizing Gel As long as your cream contains over 10% glycolic you’ll be sure to experience an effect, anything under 10 is not worth buying. I use my Reviva Labs, 10% Glycolic Acid Cream, the nights that I don’t use my retinol,as the glycolic will inhibit the retinol to work properly.

3. A topical antioxidant serum. Antioxidants, as I have spoken about earlier this week, have been associated with skin rejuvenation and protection when applied both topically to the skin directly and through your food. They have also been shown to aid the protective properties of sunscreens, by boosting the skin’s own defence mechanisms against UV radiation.  I have used John Masters Organics vitamin C antiaging face serum and Caudalie Vinexpert Firming Serum , and I like them both because of their gel like consistency and fast absorption. There is one more that I would recommend you to buy based on the ingredient list, and thats the ARCONA Booster Defense Serum, Repair/Protect AM 1.17 oz (35 ml) , but I haven’t had the chance to try this one out myself yet as I’m still using my Caudalie. But I will definitely buy this after! I've been drooling over it for a while now, packed with antioxidants that one (and organic, double win!)

4. SUNSCREEN: It’s never too late to start with this one. And even if you’re blessed with low levels of radiation depending on where you live in this world, a sunscreen of at least 30 (this is my personal opinion, because I’m quite the SPF fanatic) should be part of your daily routine. As I mentioned in the sun and the skin, a physical filter sunscreen offers the best protection against both UVA and UVB, and my favourite right now is SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense SPF 50   If you find yourself needing more hydration than the sunscreen gives, you can add a moisturizer on top 20 minutes after application of the sunscreen, such as Eucerin Aquaporin Active Protective Moisturising Cream SPF 15+UVA

5. An Eye cream: The fifth and last product I would recommend, is an eye cream targeted to your specific under- eye problem; be it under eye circles, under-eye bags, or non of the above. The skin under the eyes is the first to show wrinkles as it is thinner by nature, so early care should be taken concerning this area. I have problems with dark circles my self, and my two favorites are Sesderma K-Vit Anti-Dark Circles,

and Dermalogica total eye care, spf 15 with SPF 15. I’ll use the Sesderma during nights, and the Dermalogica cream during the AM, as it contains light diffusing particles. If you suffer from loss of elasticity I would recommend Dermalogica AGE smart Age reversal eye complex, based on the ingredients. It contains retinol and vitamin K, targeting under -eye-circles as well.

In addition to these I recommend buying a moisturizer to use in-between the nights you use your acids. I use Eucerin Aquaporin Active Rich Hydrating Cream for this purpose.

I could go on to recommend facial treatment masks, but that would be outside the scope of this post.  (must.not.write.more.)

I hope you’re happy with my answer dearest Daya, and that you’ll find my product recommendations useful.

Best of luck!