My weekend-stay essentials!

20120706-113853.jpg Me and Mr.ROK are currently on our way to Budapest! I'm writing from my phone, who would have thunk it! (and i apologixe en advince fer al th upcyming spulling mistakezb).

We're headed south to Pecs (another Hungarian student city) for our friend's graduation. Since theres about a million degrees outside, and a fair amount of standing, grimacing and photographing will be expected of me in this heat, I had to give my weekend essentials an extra good think through this time. I normally take my smallest product containers and testers, and end up forgetting the basics such as soap and moisturizer, which I then spend half a day trying to locate from random drugstores on my place of vacation. But not this time! (except shampoo..) I have gathered my products for you on a picture below, niftilly (if this isn't a word, I shall blame it on the autocorrect) arranged on top of my new dress from VirginCastaway.

The most important here being:

1. Neutrogena ultra sheer sunscreen spf 100 From Amazon here: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock Spf 100+

2. Avene thermal facial mist, you can get it from Amazon for £4.90 here: Avene Thermale Spring Water Spray 50ml

3. My beloved Caudalie vinexpert firming serum, which is now part of an offer on lookfantastic! If you spend £25 on Caudalie products you get a bodyscrub worth £8.40 for free! Here: Caudalie Vinexpert Firming Serum

4. Fixing spray from Clarins. Mine is called "screen mist", but I was unable to find it on lookfantastic. they do however have Clarins Fix'makeup mist which works to set makeup and give your face a fresh glow, exactly like the screen mist! It seems lookfantastic is going nuts with their offers,because if you purchase 2 clarins products you get a tonic body treatment oil worth £10.80 for free! here: Clarins Fix' Makeup Mist Might I recommend Clarins Beuty Flash Balm (also pictured above)Here: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm Its absolutely amazing under a tinted moisturizer or foundation for a skin tightening glowing effect.

I might attempt another phone-post later on, if this one works!

Have a great day lovely ROKers!

Lots of love,