The Aztec Secret Healing Clay- Review

I long thought that clay-masks were something reserved for acne suffering teenagers, and those with severely oily skin. More or less making it strictly prohibited for all other skin types. I learned recently, that a clay mask would make a good addition to any skin-care regiment, as they can work to be both moisturizing as well as purifying on the skin.

I researched for a while, and landed on the Aztec-Secret Indian Healing Clay, due to (and I’m embarrassed to admit) the tagline, reading: ‘World’s most powerful facial’, as well as a number of raving costumer reviews on the distributor page.

The Aztec Secret consists solely of Calcium Bentonite, which is Green Clay. Calcium bentonite, is weathered dust of ancient volcanic ash. Skin care specialists with say calcium bentonite, also called montmorillonite, is a molecular sponge. It can mop up toxins, soak up excess skin oils and fight acne bacteria.

The clay comes as a light green powder packaged in a huge jar, which will probably last for years, at the rate I’m using it. The instructions read to mix calcium bentonite powder with water or apple vinegar to form a thick, creamy paste. After you wash your face, smooth the clay paste on your skin. Do not rub vigorously. Microscopically, clays are tiny flakes of silicate rock, weathered from glassy lava beds, that could produce a mild abrasive effect. After the mask dries, a smile will make your face look like flaking paint, signalling time to wash it off.

I’ve used it a number of times now, and I try to include one clay-session a week to deeply purify my skin, as that seems to work best with my dehydrated and breakout-prone skin type. I mix 2 teaspoons of clay to 2 teaspoons of water/vinegar and mix until a paste forms, generally I never get the consistency right at the first try, and end up adding teaspoons of water and clay until I get to a thick green pasty goo.

I use my Mia Clarisonic first, and apply my mask after, on newly cleaned skin.

The mask tingles on your skin as it dries, and I wash it off with lukewarm water and a cloth after 10-15 minutes. I’m amazed every time as to how smooth, and soft my skin feels after. I had Mr. ROK try this as well when he was here last week, and being a skin enthusiast himself, it wasn’t hard to convince him to put the green mush on his face. We looked like Mr. and Mrs Shrek here for a while, all snug in the coach with our stiff green faces, and had a right ball trying to have a conversation through our rigid mouths. Ahh, it’s the small things in life, isn’t it?

He had the same results as me, although he would probably benefit from 2 applications per week, as his skin type is oilier, and coarser than mine.

I recommend doing this mask 2 days in advance before any big event, as it tends to drag out all impurities, which can result in a few “ripe” (at a lack of a better word) pimples a couple of days after your facial. They are easily cleared by the end of those 2 days, leaving your skin smooth, soft and blemish free. If you do the mask on a regular basis I would expect the number of post facial pimples to go down drastically.

The Aztec Secret healing facial mask can be bought for only £10.95 on amazon here: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Facial Clay 1 Lb.