ROKderm is now featured on MySkin!

Dearest ROKers. As I write this I am feeling tired and looking a little bit like a crack addict, as I tend to do when I'm out flying. I'm at Oslo airport, waiting for my late-night Stavanger plain to board in approximately a million years. I've had a couple of hectic packing days (one absolutely frantic one today morning), consisting of jamming 6 years of my life worth of "stuff" into garbage bags labelled either 'keep', 'charity', or 'throw away', and let me tell you, I have (had) a *bleep*-load of stuff, so it wasn't exactly the most enjoyable experience! You see, I am leaving Hungary to do my last year of medical training consisting of continuous clinical rotations and examinations, before graduation next year. But enough packing-complaining, because today is really an amazing day! Firstly, I'm on my way home for a very long time! I'll start it off with some family-vacation time, then a clinical rotation in London, and another clinical rotation in Norway, before I'll return to Hungary for exams in October! Also, I met an old friend working here at the airport, who was amazing enough to give me refreshments, free WiFi, and a seat upgrade! Happy days! :) But the greatest thing to happen today though, is the fact that ROKderm has been added to the community of skin and beauty writers! MySkin provides beauty and skin-care advice by the help of a number of bloggers, as well as by other channels including interviews with skincare specialists, and professionals. Anyone can get an account and recommend products, or answer questions posted by other users.

I was contacted by a couple of weeks ago, asking me if I wanted to join their blogger network of over 30.000 beauty and skin blogs! Of course I said yes, and today you'll be able to find ROKderm as a featured article provider on Just search for ROKderm in the blogger-search window, or search for article-topics that I have written about, and I'll pop up as one of the results. Have a look at yours truly HERE (And if you'd be so kind as to make my blog one of your favorites and rate it (highly!), I would be forever in your karmic-dept)

Now, I'll put a movie on, and try not to fall asleep and miss my plain, as that would be horrific.

Hope you all had a great day!

#Happy ROKderm#