Flight tips to escape crack-skin during airplane travel

Sorry for the rather blunt title, but is it only me that end up looking like I’m near death after an airplane ride?? The longer it is the worse I tend to look! Under eye bags reach a new shade of indigo, my otherwise olive skin tone turns to an ashy shade of green, and whatever glow I had before marinating in recycled airplane air, disappears as soon as I find my seat. That is, if I don’t take a few precautions first, during, and after.

I’m traveling again, but this time only for the weekend. I’m not as true to this ritual as I should be, I tend to think that 1-2 hours won’t do too much harm, and then after a visit to the airport loo, I regret my laziness with a vengeance.

Especially now after being sick, I’m not exactly looking my best to begin with so these tips might do my skin some extra good tomorrow.

This is what I’ll be doing:

1. Hydrating: I always say I will, but then never drink enough. I shall drink loads of water and not care if I have to stand in line to go the airplane bathroom. I’ll drink before I leave, at the airport and on the plane, I swear! Under this point I shall make a note not to eat anything salty, alcohol or caffeine containing either. I have packed a box of raw almonds to nibble on instead as Leslie Bauman a professor of dermatology at the University of Miami, in Florida says: “Diet can play a role in strengthening your skin’s ability to maintain moisture,” Foods rich in the essential fatty acids found in walnuts, flaxseed, salmon, and olive oil can help skin cells stay hydrated.

2. Moisturizing: The fastest, and best way to get plump moisturized skin is by using a moisturizer. Look for ingredients such as stearic acid (a fatty acid), emollient ceramides, and cholesterol- which is an effective hydrator when applied to skin topically! When I’ve been on longer plain rides I have opted for a moisturizing face-mask rather than a cream. I will leave the house with it on, and let it sink in during the course of my day. Tomorrow I’ll either be using AHAVA’s moisture mask, which doesn’t leave too much residue on your skin when applied sparingly, or Weleda’s skin food (haven’t decided yet, but I’m thinking skin-food to be honest, it’s a rather short flight.) From beauty bay: AHAVA Intense Hydration Mask.

3. Face- misting: I love Avene’s hydrating mist, which I use before adding my serum in the mornings, or during the day if I need a fresh pick me up. On the airplane it gives my skin that little boost of moisture which you can amp up by adding another layer of moisturizer if need be. I like my little version, which fits perfectly into any bag size. You can get yours from any European pharmacy I'm sure, or from Amazon: Avene Thermale Spring Water Spray 50ml

4. Applying Lip-balm: I never go far without a lip-balm, and rosebud salve has been a favorite of mine for years. It’s like Vaseline, only not as, err.. creepy (?) to pull out of your bag. It also contains rose-oil and leaves your lips with a slight redish finish. I use it on lips, around my nose, especially now that I’ve been ill, and on any other dry patch or area that might need some looking after. From Amazon: Rosebud Perfume Co - Smiths Rosebud Salve

5. UV protecting: Yes, I’ll be using a sunscreen even though I’m “indoors”. The UV radiation is actually much more intense on an airplane than down on earth as your closer to the sun, and above the somewhat protective layer of the clouds. This applies even if you don’t have a window seat, and as we know now, UVA (responsible for the majority of solar skin aging) passes freely through windows. I’ll be applying my Peter Thomas Roth SPF 45 mineral powder before, and during the plain ride, as my face will be rather covered in moisturizer not leaving much room for another layer of sunscreen. I've mentioned this powder here.

6. Minimal makeup: I don’t like traveling with loads of makeup as I feel it just makes my skin reach that dreaded junky-skin-quality faster. I will perhaps put on a layer of my Garnier BB cream, which is a really nice alternative to foundation. I think I’ll be revisiting this product with a review at a later date, because it’s taken me by pleasant surprise, and now I find myself using it more and more. Also, opting for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream gives you the option to apply moisturizers on top, or another layer of BB cream or tinted moisturizer depending on how you see it fit. From Amazon: Garnier Nutri Miracle Skin Perfector Medium.

7. Hair-care: I’ve already showered, and used a hair-mask. I also used my moroccanoil after, and will be applying a new layer of oil to my locks to protect the cuticles against the harsh winds of the airplane air conditioner. I’ll also do a side braid I think, to protect it further, and keep the hair out of my way during the day.

8. Hand-love: I’ll be bringing a hand cream, and l’occitane lavender hand cream in this L'Occitane Lavender Harvest Hand Cream (New Packaging; Travel Size) 30ml/1ozcute little innocent tube is a great travel asset. As my face will be needing some extra TLC, so will my hands, I’m not one to neglect them! From Strawberrynet: L'Occitane Lavender Harvest Hand Cream (New Packaging; Travel Size) 30ml/1oz

After arrival to my travel destination the first thing I do is wash my face, and put on a fresh layer of moisturizer, or if I have time - a face-mask. I’ll continue hydrating that same day, and hopefully I’ll be recognizing the face staring back at me in the bathroom mirror this time!

Fingers crossed!