An Antioxidant-rich tip

20120730-190043.jpgThis jar of organic bio nutrients from PUKKA, called Vitalise, is filled with a fine powder formed from a diverse range of antioxidant rich vegetables and berries. I found it in Vita ( the Norwegian equivalent of the English Boots) and as I'm a sucker for anything organic and antioxidant rich, I wasn't leaving without it. As mentioned in my review of the PUKKA cleanse tea, PUKKA uses organically sourced fair trade ingredients of high quality.

Vitalise contains 22 nutritionally concentrated foods claiming to help energy levels and deal with the stresses of modern life. Ingredients include: beetroot, bilberries, wheat grass, barley grass, amla fruit, acerola fruit, spirulina, chlorella, sea greens, tumeric root, fennel seeds, broccoli sprouts and more! (puh, it goes on forever) For daily use: mix one heaped teaspoon with some water in the morning.

As I just bought this I haven't noticed any changes yet, but adding antioxidants to your diet is always a good thing! And I'm confident these from PUKKA herbs will deliver an extra punch of antioxidant goodness to my diet.

Get yours from Vita (300 something Kr) if you're in Norway, or from any PUKKA carrier, such as wholefoods or the likes wherever you are in the world.

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