I miss you

beauty darkness

I'm still here, alive and pumping! I have been busy, very busy. I'm learning, growing, experiencing, and there's 3 more weeks to go before I do it all over again somewhere else. I've been too tired to do much more than what I absolutely HAVE to do these passed 2 days, and I feel bad for the lack of longer, science heavy posts lately. I am planning to rectify that wrong ASAP, I promise. Let's just pray the weekend comes early for once, for then there will be time to give it all the focus it deserves. Feel free to go through my archives to see if there's anything you missed!

Remember, I answer questions from all my readers, as best I can, and if I find something particularly interesting I might share my answer in a post for everyone to see. Also, if there are certain products you've heard of and that you would like me to review, you know where to find me.

I hope you're having a great week so far ROKers!