20% off the clarisonic facial brush!


Dearest ROKers. I come writing happy news: Feelunique.com is currently having a summer sale, in which the Mia Clarisonic is included at 20% off! It's not often that I see Clarisonic sales (this is actually the first one I've seen), and I thought I'd tip you about it, especially after having mentioned it so many times now in so many posts (mixed- skin post, men's- skin post), I've even done a review of my own Mia, for crying out loud!

The Clarisonic has more or less revolutionized skin cleansing, and has been shown to decrease pore size, wrinkles, acne breakouts, pigmentation spots, in addition to dry patches and skin flaking. It also ensures that you wash your face for a proper minute, which is the minimal time needed for a cleanser to really do it's job. For more information please see my review on it, here.

You now get it for £96 (instead of £120) with free world wide delivery: Mia Clarisonic Sales.

The sale finishes the 9th of September at 23:59 (GMT).

So with that said, go bonkers!