Gone till November


I'm leaving London, for now. It's been a wonderful month of experience and growth. I loved my clinical attachment, I feel somewhat more confident now, I have that: 'maybe I could really do this?-feeling'.  Medicine, people, it makes you doubt.

In a couple of hours I'll be on my way to Norway, and I'm looking forward to being home again, surrounded by the mountains and the sea, kisses of rain on my cheeks. It's strange living this way, constantly on the move, new attachments to attend to, like a gypsy in the wind. It's worth it though, even the packing and unpacking (not yet started. I'm a packing-procrastinator), its all worth it. I get to see my Mr. ROK, my family and friends, as well as experience hospitals in different countries. It's actually a great privilege, one that I am truly grateful for.

I'll be back in London come November (at least so is the plan right now), until then I'll be writing from Norway. Hopefully I'll have more time to concentrate on my studies there (without London constantly calling to be explored), and on ROKderm of course. There are many more ROKer questions to answer, and products to be reviewed.

Until then,

Have a great weekend one and all!