Matcha green tea by teapigs- a review

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When teapigs (teapigs website) decided to send me a sample of their new Matcha green tea, I was overjoyed! I love tea, especially green, and I love teapigs which I have intentionally sought out on my London stays (Mr.ROK can validate).

I received this little sachet with 3 servings of Matcha green tea powder, with a little pamphlet and two cute teapig buttons, is that what they are, buttons? You know what I mean, those needle thingy accessories you used to love in your rebel teens as you decorated everyhting made of fabric with them; your pencil case, your school back-pack, hats.. or was that only me?

Anyway, back to the tea.

teapigs Match green tea is a super-concentrated organic green tea powder that’s packed with antioxidants and nutrients. teapigs matcha comes from the renowned Nishio region in Japan, where the tea leaves are grown under cover to produce lots of amino acids and chlorophyll (the bright green good stuff). The leaves are then dried and very slowly ground by granite to a very fine powder, which is then packed and sealed immediately, so as to lock in all the nutrients in. It’s been a ceremonial beverage drunk by Buddhist monks and royalty for over 900 years.

The health benefits of green tea are numerous, and I'll have a good look at those related to skin.

1. Anti-inflammation: Tea extracts were recently shown to inhibit proteasome function (an enzyme that breaks down proteins) and suppressed cytokine release (markers and propagators of inflammation) in inflammatory skin post radiation treatment. NF-kappaB (a signalling molecule  activated under cellular stress, and inflammation) was also downregulated by the addition of tea extract. Down-regulating inflammation long-term means, in short, younger, healthier skin for longer.   -link

2.Skin cancer prevention: Green tea has been shown to prevent both UVB induced basal cell carcinomas and the very dangerous melanomas by acting anti-inflammatory as mentioned above, but also by inducing cellular DNA repair mechanisms, and cascades of apoptosis (programmed cell death) of injured and genetically damaged skin-cells, so to inhibit tumor growth. -link and -link.

3. UV protection: A 2011 study points to the UV protective effects of green tea after noting  that  a group ingesting green tea showed less sensitivity and inflammation after UV exposure compared with baseline. Skin response decreased by 16% after 6 weeks of green tea intervention and by 25% after 12 weeks! - link

4. Anti-aging and beautifying effects: The same study as above documented increased hydration, skin elasticity, and density after green tea ingestion. Improvements of skin structure may be related to flavanol-mediated increases in cutaneous blood flow. Microcirculation is important for nutrient and oxygen supply of the skin, and an improved delivery likely affects skin condition and appearance. In the present study, cutaneous blood flow increased 29% in volunteers supplemented for 12 weeks with a beverage enriched with green tea flavanols.

Matcha green tea fun-facts:

- Matcha contains 70 times the antioxidants of orange juice, 9 times the betacarotene content of spinach, and vitamins A, B and C.

- Matcha contains more antioxidants per gram than gojiberries, blueberries, and spinach.

- Matcha contains 2 aminoacods called theophylline and L-theanine that work together with the caffeine to give a sustained energey boost lasting 4-6 hours.

- Green tea increaes fat oxidation and metabolism.

What I like about it:

I love green tea for my skin and overall health, and since one teaspoon of this stuff is equivalent of 15 cups of normal green tea, and because it has a staggering 137 times higher EGCG (an antioxidant) content - link, there's not a whole lot to dislike really!

I love that it actually looks green- evergreen, and it smells lovely of newly cut grass, the scent that to me signalizes a great green tea. (it tastes great too).

Since it comes in powdered form you can add it to cold drinks, smoothies, and whatever else you might want to add it to, for an extra health boost which opens up for a number of yummy healthy possibilities!

You can get your own from the teapigs website, where ROKers get a 15%  discount when using the code: BLOGGERS12 I'll be using that code as well to get my own batch, as I absolutely loved this product.

Have you tried Matcha green before? How do you use it, except for in tea-form? I would love to hear your ideas!