On passion and sleepiness


I'm in London on an impulse "study leave". I jumped on a plain yesterday after finishing my Internal medicine practice (yay! It's the longest one -10 weeks). My nice boss at the gastro.ward in Norway gave me the rest of the week off to catch up on the material before the start of my next practice, and boy do I need to catch up! The long days at work combined with the early mornings (5.30 am alarms thank you very much), didn't exactly work wonders on my study mood and motivation. So I welcome this change back to student life, I've almost missed it! Almost.

I'm doing my next block  in Norway as well, Psychiatry, and so thought some Mr.ROK/study-time here in London was in order. We've been on cloud nine since I arrived, long-distance relationships really does make the heart grow fonder. I should however specify that I have been studying! (Thankfully, Mr.ROK works and so is not here to distract me with his beautiful self 24/7).

Today I've been a semi good student, as I've half finished my material for today, but went ahead and had a 3 hour power-nap, as one does. What's that you say? You don't do that? That's right, most don't. I however have the extremely untimely need to sleep mid day everyday when I study. Making it virtually impossible to ever feel fresh and awake (rather yucky and jet-lagged) or that you're actually on top of things. Another aggravating result of this sleepiness is the fact that a long answer to a ROKer question I'm working on is not yet post-ready, and so must be published tomorrow instead (damn you sleep-induced-narcolepsy!).

So this is basically what my life will be like for the next week or so: Study-sleep-eat-kiss-study-blog-slee.. you get it.

I wish you all a wonderful evening beauties!