LA ROCHE-POSAY 24h physiological deodorant



Oh boy! This review took longer to get to than I first expected and, it's not that it's going to be long or anything, it's just that I've been very busy, staying away all day, and so now is the first time I'm actually sitting down in front of my computer in 2 days (give or take).

So, on to this very short review! After researching and writing my post on aluminum -salts in antiperspirants, I went straight to  the pharmacy to see if they had the Vichy one I linked to in my post. They did not, but they did have this LA ROCHE-POSAY one, which also read 24h, and is aluminum salt free, so I grabbed, payed, and was on my way happy about my find.

This is the second day I've used it, and yesterday was kind of stressful, at least for me, and so was a perfect deodorant-test day.  It included a full day of work, then some studying, and a work-related dinner which included everything that those two words entail; Your boss, (keep conversation intelligent) unknown doctors (make a good impression), unknown medical students (make friends- pretend to be interested), the yummiest food (try not to moan to loud, spill something, accidentally put food on your face, drink of bosses wine, DO NOT GET/SEEM DRUNK, you're a big girl, you can handle 2 glasses of wine.. ).

As you can imagine, my sweat glands were on maximum production mode, and my deodorant must have had a hard time fighting back, but it did! The deodorant smells really nice (even though the packaging gives that medicinal- "no perfume in here, no mam"- impression), and although I was under some amount of pressure, I didn't feel any wiffs of odor, and my armpits were mostly dry, I say mostly, because I did feel a little bit of clamminess at the beginning of the night, the part of the night when you don't even know where to sit, and everyone's there but the 2 people you work with..

So all in all, this is a great deodorant if you're thinking of going aluminum-free! I got mine at the pharmacy here in Norway, and I guess most European pharmacies will carry this.

I've gotten some great tips for deodorants already, but if you have a favorite of your own, please feel free to share :)