Green People exfoliating shower wash - Review


I'm back with a little review of the Green People exfoliating shower wash- skin detox. As I've mentioned now, repeatedly, I'm being a bad blogger-lady, due to the inconvenience of my final exams, at least 2 of them. So let it be known (yet again) that blogging will be scarce! As yours truly is busy having hot-flashes, arrhythmia, and gastric reflux with a suspected ulcer emerging in my tumtum. Did I mention I have exams? Anyway (...) this shower gel was actually a christmas gift from last year, that I've not had the opportunity to try out before now. As this is an organic product, I'm unsure of the shelf life of this. But as there is no best-before-date I'm writing under the presumption that everyhting is A-OK with it.

As you can see from the picture above, there's a lot of organic skin goodness in this. Pomegranate - post on which found here and Cranberry being the main actives, as well as the scrubbing quality of the apricot kernel powder.

Disclaimer: "Green People Organic Exfoliating Shower Wash offers a fresh twist on the traditional shower gel - this natural, mild Cranberry and Pomegranate formula gently and naturally polishes the skin. It is a stimulating and reviving body wash formulated with an invigorating blend of pure essential oils including Grapefruit and Rose Geranium.

This Exfoliating Shower Wash contains natural micro-particles of Pomegranate, Cranberry and Apricot gently exfoliate, allowing skin to regain its softness, tone and radiance."

Usage and opinion: I like the amount of organic, and skin beneficial (pomegranate, cranberry, seaweed, aloe) ingredients in this. I do however, have doubts about the detoxing effect of this, as the skin as well as your internal organs, is an organ that needs to be detoxed from the inside out.

What I like about it:

1. It's organic, paraben and sodium lauryl sulfate free, and also fairly traded.

2. Contains loads of skin-boosters, and refreshers

3. Can be used on face as well as body (big plus! especially if you travel/ go to the gym a lot)

4.Makes you feel properly clean and refreshed

What could be improved:

1. I don't find that it scrubs enough, I like that rough texture that accompanies a lot of scrubs, and I find that this hardly scrubs at all (in the traditional sense of it).

2.It's very runny, and I mean very. That's not necessarily a negative, but I find that I get to much product out of the tube, and perhaps changing the packaging to a pump bottle will help people like me, that have a hard time finding the right amount of squeeze pressure.

All in all it's a nice shower was/gel more than a scrub I would say! I would use this as a daily scrub instead of once or twice a week as the disclaimer reads, so for that purpose it's perfect! Also really like that I can reach for this through squinted eyes in the mornings and wash my face with it as safely as my body.

Get yours here: Green People Organic Formula Exfoliating Shower Wash