DETOX - will it make me beautiful?



It's January, the new year is here, and as many others out there (presumably) I feel the need to start a shiny new and better life (again..*clearing throat*), thus enter the DETOX.

I've had enough meat, sugars, and alcohol over the holidays to keep any old wife-beater happy and passed out.

In a perfect world I would be gulping down green smoothies like it's nobodies business by now, run a mile a day, and reach Nirvana on a daily basis through transcending meditational sessions, but I know it'll take time for that routine to stick, and so I'm going about it slowly, through altered eating habits, and workouts (not yet begun this part).

There's a lot of bias regarding the actual effects of detoxification, and there's a lack of scientific evidence on the health and perhaps more so, the beauty effects of it. My belief is that our bodies are innately capable of clearing out wastes, but as wastes and toxins accumulate, especially in this increasingly toxic world we live in, it is better to opt for a cleaner lifestyle in general, and so help our organs and bodies long term, rather than to do once a year detoxes and eat crap the rest of the time.

By now we know that beauty truly comes from within, have a look at my old posts about it: Antioxidants, Sugar, Acne, Eczema . It's not for nothing then that the most beautiful people in the world swear to their diets, and travel with private chefs that provide them with it. But then we also know, nothing truly works until one makes a habit of it, and this goes for diet, skin- routines, and beauty regimens alike. So my plan to detox, is more a "shift in the right direction", per se,  which is back to my healthy eating habits consisting of loads of vegetables, minimal animal protein, and no refined sugars. I've done it before, and I'll do it again!

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So far my plan consists of drinking loads of water with freshly pressed lemon juice in it, vegetable soups for dinner, and smoothies or salads for lunch, with raw almonds, or apples as snacks in between. I'll also be consuming large quantities of herbal, and green teas to help the "flushing" out of toxins from my GI, and together with the added fiber intake this process should take about a week to be completed. After that I'll continue a diet high in vegetables, but with the addition of lean protein, and cheeses, such as goat cheese.

Remember my beetroot smoothie? Here's the link to the recipe.

Also, I made a delicious soup yesterday, consisting of cabbage, onions, spinach and mushrooms! I'll be back with the recipe for that, and some other detox treats tomorrow, as I have to get ready for a dinner date with friends now. Don't worry, I'll have the salad!

Until then, Happy Friday to you!