Pamper me Sunday Picture Series


Part of detoxing and getting on to a fresh start for the rest of the year, is detoxing the mind as well as the body. Tomorrow I'll be starting another round of practice, this time in Neurology. Something tells me I'll need all my strength and mental will-power to push on through this next one, so today I'm enjoying a day full of skin, body and mental treats. Following are a few pics of what this day entails. I'll include links to previous posts, and purchase venues where applicable.


Read my post on the skin and beauty effects of pomegranate here.

Weleda's regenerating pomegranate body oil is available on SALE here: at £16.96. I'll be picking up another bottle of this as well, I'm almost out!

I apply it on moist skin after showering/bathing.


This herbal bath soak belongs to my room- mate who has a thing for bathing, and knows a thing or two about choosing great bath- soaks. This was bought at our local dm (drug store).



If you missed my post on the sister of this Boots Extracts Organic Brazil Nut Body butter, here's a link.

I'll be reviewing this at a later date, it's really moisturizing and envelopes my body in moisturizing velvet, especially great now in winter. I use it after my Weleda pomegranate oil.


I love candles, and so does my roommate, therefore the house is full of them.


Green tea, everyday all day - this one is from Indiska, and so is my cup.


On my face today. Review of this, found here


Brian Tracy is one of the top professional business and personal success speakers and authors in the world today, and one of my favorite motivators. His book on self discipline is a must for anyone wanting to improve effectivity. In his New Years Eve message he challenged the viewers to sit down and write down the aspects of what 2013 would have been like, if it was your best year so far. Challenge accepted! I need me some positive thinking, to clean my mind out of last year. Also I'll be heated and massaged by hot stones later tonight, it's my first hot-stone massage and I can't wait.

So there's my Sunday. I hope you got inspired to take the rest of the day off, and give your self a good long break. Happy Sunday to you!