New Shower Favorite: Nivea Creme Peeling Shower & Scrub


Nivea Creme Peeling - Shower & Scrub body wash

Here's a little shower-product bargain tip for you; the Nivea Creme Peeling Shower & Scrub body wash! I gratefully received this as part of a Christmas gift, and have been using it since I came back to Hungary. The early mornings of rushing to practice leaves me wanting for multipurpose products, especially multipurpose shower-products, which is exactly what this is.

What it is:

It's a softly lathering cream wash, containing micro- beads, rough enough to exfoliate your skin, but gentle enough so you can apply it everyday. -link has even named it one of the best 14 skin treatments for your body, and Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, codirector of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery states: "It's a nice-smelling scrub that is safe to use every day, since it leaves skin hydrated, even after a shower."

It's also a bargain at around £4 at your local grocery/drug-store.

Why I like it:

I love the fact that it leaves my skin soft, clean, and moisturized. It also smells very fresh, and almost unisexy, so that you and your boyfriend might reap the benefits of this little shower-time-saver. Alternatively, you might have to fight him off for it.. The smell only lasts for the shower experience though, so that you may slather perfumed lotions, or butters on after without worrying about a clash of fragrance.

The ingredient list isn't very impressive (and I don't have the energy to write the whole thing down from the bottle, so you'll just have to trust me), but it does contain Vitamin E, the antioxidant, anti-ager and skin-saver. I don't know how much good that will do you in a product that is fast rinsed off, but hey, it's in there! They get props for that.