Green Smoothie Recipe



Here's a recipe for a fast and healthy green smoothie to kick start any morning. I made different variations of this while on my recent detox, and today (as I had nothing else in my fridge) I decided to do a healthy Sunday breakfast for myself! (And since I most likely will be ordering an unhealthy dinner later on due to the empty fridge situation...)

Green smoothies are packed full of vegetables and fruits which hydrate and protect our skin from the inside out. This is great for those "mornings after" when you're in need of a detox-boost, for a quick snack or even lunch when you're in a hurry.


Here's what I used:

-1.celery stalk -1.carrot -2.Kiwis -1/ -1tbs of flax seed -1.inch chili -3.broccoli flowers (?) -Water

Chop it all and add to a mixer or use a hand-held blender like I did, add water so that it almost covers the vegetables, and mix away! Easy- green-peacy (giggles).

PS. This would be extra nice with half an avocado or frozen banana!