Sauna Seance at Idealmed Debrecen - Review



A few days ago, in the intro of my 'Why the Sauna is good for you post', I mentioned that I was going for a Sauna session that very evening, and as promised I am now back to share my experiences with you. The correct name for what my experience was is apparently  a: "Sauna Seance", which just makes your mind wonder with thoughts of chanting, hallucinogenic herbal fires, and feverish prophesies of the end of the world. Or is that just me? Gratefully, non of those elements took place at the Idealmed sauna and spa area that evening.

Idealmed is an esthetic center here in Debrecen, the city in which I study (feel free to google it, and I'll be expecting your sympathies sent my way), which specializes in everything that has to do with our outer self so to speak; dermatology, dentistry, esthetic beauty treatments, and now also beautifying Sauna Seances.

The Seance involves a "Sauna Master", which in this case was a 40 something year old, very friendly, vivacious and slightly loud woman. Women and men are both welcomed, as long as a place has been booked in advance. You'll need a bikini to enter, that's all, as the rest is provided during the session.

The Seance consists of 15 x 3 Sauna trips, interrupted by 10-15 min cold shower and relaxation trips consisting of complimentary teas and fruits.

During your Sauna periods, the sauna master fans hot air towards you, while relaxing native -American flute music will be playing on the speakers. I don't like extremes of temperatures in any direction, hot or cold, and so I tend not to do too well in Saunas , or rather I tend not to sit in them for very long. The waves of hot air fanned towards me were a little unnerving to begin with, but by the second time in the Sauna I was able to take them without sqeeking like a piglet every-time they came my way.

The first session involved a natural sea-salt apple and cinnamon scrub, the second time we got an avocado yoghurt face and body mask, and the third time we got bags of ice-cubes to stroke over our pulse-points to cool down, and help the closure of our pores, as well as olive oil and yoghurt as a last moisturizing treat.

My skin was smooth as a babies after, and my face was a-glowing and mega moisturized from all the nice homemade treatments. The treatments vary from week to week. It's only 2200ft per person, and you have to be 2 persons to book. It was a great experience, and I'm sure it would be nice to do with a whole group of friends for example. I'll definitely be doing this again at some point!