Overnight Cocoa - Berry - Oats Recipe



I just posted this image to my instagram, and then it occured to me that this might be something worth sharing the recipe of here on ROKderm.

I've been seeing overnight oat pictures popping up on blogs, and instagram lately, and decided yesterday to try to make my own.

Basically you can add whatever topping you like, but here's what I used:

-Equal amounts of organic oats and almond milk (you may also use water, or regular milk)

-1 tsp of cinnamon (spices for the skin post)

-2tsp of organic cocoa powder

- 1tbs of organic flax seed

- 5-6 chopped almonds

- frozen mixed berries for that antioxidant boost (as much as you like, I used approx 2 tbs)

- 1/3 banana slices

Leave overnight in the fridge, I didn't cover, but you may do as you like about that. And that's it! By morning the oats have absorbed the fluid, and become a mooshy porridgy consistency, while the spices, berries and bananas have incorporated into the mixture. Super easy, and super healthy, as well as extremely delicious!

Add some yoghurt in the morning if you like, or how about some sweet fluid honey?

Happy breakfasting! :)