My January & Winter Skin-Care Favorites

January face

My January skin-care favorites for face.

Dearest everyone. I've been laying low lately due to another upcoming scary, and huge final year medical exam. I've been trying to be a good student, and so I've cut down break time to only include food, music or the odd TV show (while eating the food). Ergo, there's been very little time to blog, but I'm here with a short little update non the less!

I really enjoy the monthly favorites posts I see on other beauty blogs, and thought I would do a little one of my own.

From Left to Right with purchase links:

1. Good Skin Smooth-365 Intensive Clarity+Smoothing Peptide Serum - My serum of the month. It's full of great natural and potent ingredients, and so far I'm feeling a firming effect from this one. It's not doing wonders for my small blemishes, but so far I'm really happy with the preventative anti-aging results. Will be reviewing this at a later date, when I'm not so busy drowning in neurology- notes.

2. Strivectin SD Instant Retexturising Scrub - - This I got in a value pack of Strivectin products, and I've been waiting to use this for a while. I brought it with me to Hungary, for my 2 month stay, and let me say, I'm highly impressed! This one also deserves some alone time here on ROKderm. It scrubs gently, yet effectively, and leaves skin smooth, clean, and super soft.

3. Lavera 2 in 1 Cleansing Milk - Review of this found here.

4. Avene Hydrance Optimale Riche - Review of that found here.

5. Lancome Effacernes - No. 02 Beige Sable 15ml/0.5oz - This is my newest makeup buy, and as under-eye circles are my number one beauty concern, it's shouldn't come as a surprise that it's concealer. This is one of the best I've tried so far. It comes in a handy little tube, and covers dark circles and blemishes naturally. It's of a thicker fluid consistency and the best part of this little makeup wonder is that it builds coverage, without becoming creasy or cloggy! A thing not all concealers are able to offer. It also has SPF 12. I use shade 03 Beige Amber, which is out of stock at Strawberrynet at the moment.

6. Reviva Labs, 10% Glycolic Acid Cream - My trusted instant skin enhancer and get-that-glow go-to product. Here's link on glycolic acid for ya.

Body-care favorites of January

1. Nivea Creme Peeling Shower & Scrub - Review found here.

2. Alverde Relax Skincare Oil - After my Weleda Pomegranate body oil ran out, I bought this at my local drug store. It cointains Wildrose and Sea Buckthorn oils to regenerate, protect and moisturize the skin. I use this on wet skin, after showering. This is a great bargain of a body oil, and can be bought at dm pharmacies.

3. Vichy no-paraben, no-aluminiumsalt deodorant - I like this, but not as much as my La Roche Posay equivalent- link. Here's link to why you might want to switch to aluminum free deodorants.

If you decide to buy the strivectin scrub from lookfantastic, here's a private ROKer code for you, giving you 15% off your order : 3427-BC3F-4A45

So there you have it! My winter skincare routine, and favorites of the month!