Healing Ma-Uri Massage - Review


maorimassage After over 6 weeks of stressful practice days, exam studying,  little sleep, and bad sitting- posture, I was much looking forward to trying the healing benefits of the Ma-uri massage. I have had many different types of massages before, Swedish, Hot-Stone, Thai and Aromatherapy, but never Ma-uri, so I was excited to see what it had to offer.

About the massage:

According to Judit's website; Ma-Uri massage is a holistic type of therapeutic massage. It is a highly effective and carefully composed massage that was created out of ancient Polynesian healing traditions and based on  the philosophy of Huna. The basic notion behind this philosophy is a creative and flexible approach to life, personal development, and healing. This ancient knowledge and holistic healing system of the Polynesian people was brought to the Islands by Star-men, according to the thousand year-old legend, and was developed by Hemi and Katja Fox for modern age expectations.


The masseuse uses hot oil, music, and a focus on breathing as part of her technique, where all parts have equal importance. This massage differs from other massages by the fact that forearms are used more than hands, and that music plays an integral part in the experience. The masseuses works with the music and the rhythm to create flowing movements, and a flow of continuous touch and energy. Breath is used to signify release, and helps the body of the receiver to let go of stress, and blockages.


The 12 basic principles of this massage are:

Awareness Focus Timing Movement Placement Rhythm Alignment Breath Connectedness Sacredness And then: Touch


The Ma-Uri massage has a favorable impact on blood and lymph circulations even on the skin (hallelujah!). It improves metabolism and relaxes muscels. Beyond relaxing the body, it has a spiritual and energy effects as well. It disengages the traumatic memories retained in the body, and activates healing powers. It gives energy, and it creates the conditions for spiritual healing.

Massages in general are beneficial in reducing stress, encouraging rejuvenation, increasing micro-circulation to the skin and muscular system, and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Personal experience and opinion:

Judit practices out of her in-home office, which is a beautiful top floor room. Judit her self, is a warm and welcoming woman, that came out to greet me at the entrance to her house.

I was supplied with a towel to cover my self, and undressed before the start of the massage. You have to be in the nude for this massage, which I don't mind as I'm not specifically shy about these things, but even if you are, your private parts will always be covered by a towel, and so you're never truly "exposed" so to speak. Apparently undressing is important to let go, and leave your ego behind before the start of the massage.


Throughout the massage Judit used flowing, long, stroking movements that increased or decreased in intensity according to the music. Hot oil was used, that had a faint smell of orange, and pressure points on both the front and the back of my body were addressed throughout the massage. My legs and arms were lifted and moved as part of the "dance-moves" Judit put on me, and in a strange way it made me relax so completely I forgot about time and place, and just went with it.

I can honestly say this is the most relaxing massage I have ever had, and I understand why it might have healing potential. Generally during a massage I have moments where I drift off into my own world of worries, and forget to focus on the massage, but because the Ma-Uri massage is so dynamic in its nature, the thoughts that came were constantly pushed away by Judit's movements to the changing music.

This is not the strongest of massages, but highly effective on muscle knots and tensions non the less. The whole session lasted for about 2 hours. My body and face (for some reason that beats me) both felt and looked rested and rejuvenated after.


This is a massage I highly recommend for anyone in need of some deep releasing massage therapy. Ma-uri is unique in its technique and effects, and I for one, will be sure to visit Judit next time, and every time I'm in Debrecen.

The price is 6000ft for approximately 2 hours. You can find more information about the massage, and how to book an appointment through her website: http://www.ma-uridebrecen.hu.

Judit takes bookings on telephone nr: +36-20/994-90-62.