Lancôme long lasting softening concealer - Review



This is one of my new found concealer favorites. I mentioned it shortly in my January favorites post, but thought I should come back and do a tiny little review of it for you, as makeup is not something I spend a lot of time with on this blog. As you might have gathered by now if you read my post on dark circles, I am tormented by a pair of working-girl-crackbaby-undereye-circles that I fear one day will reach a size and a shade so vast and so indigo you will mistake my face for one big blob of back-eye... Thus, enter the concealer! I keep a look out for good ones, always. Like a hawk I read reviews of them and scribble down trade names on random pieces of paper, and then I forget. This one I bought because my current MAC concealer (although good) is starting to cake up under my eyes, it might be the eye cream I use under, it might be my application method, I don't know, and frankly I don't care as it gave me a reason to buy and try another possible savior from my growing bags of doom.

Ok, so getting down to business! I'll do a yay and a nay list for your reading pleasure.

YAY-list: 1. It comes in a tube, which is super yay! I kind of like applying concealers with my fingertips, and although I seem to buy them over and over, I find the pot ones a little unhygienic.

2. It's very hydrating! It almost feels like an under eye moisturizer, and slides on like one too, leaving a sheerness behind.

3. Due to its semi fluid nature, It blends perfectly with my foundation or BB cream.20130220-214015.jpg

4. It builds coverage really well. My most favorite aspect of this product! It doesn't cover to well with just one application (at least not on my pools of undereye- ink), but it allows for countless reapplications so that you can keep going until you reach full coverage, without the concealer caking up.

5. There's a lot of product in this tube!

6. It has an SPF 12.



1. It's very sheer. Which is OK for most circles, but perhaps not for the darker ones. You can build though, but then you might end up using a lot of product.


As I could only think of one nay- item, I guess it's clear I'm a little smitten by this Lancôme concealer. Get yours with free shipping here: Lancome Effacernes - No. 02 Beige Sable 15ml/0.5oz

Lancome Effacernes - No. 02 Beige Sable 15ml/0.5oz