Professional Beauty Expo. London 2013 - Impressions



Yesterday me and Dr.K of Dr.K Aesthetics went for the 2013 Professional Beauty exhibition here in London. These exhibitions serve as showcase events for beauty brands, professionals, and up and coming companies. I saw and met a lot of inspiring products and people, including; Aduna, a new and all organic beauty supplement and multivitamin from the Baobab tree, exciting skin care from brands I hadn't heard of previously, such as Repêchage , and Primavera. The grand old-timers where there to show off as well, such as dermalogica, Clarins, and Caudalie.



Carita's stall was my favourite of the day. Beautiful, simple and classic.


We even managed to catch a live lecture on the advances in skincare ingredients, which was right up my ally. I learned a lot about product development and the differences of delivery systems of antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, as well as which peptides are most popular in skincare as of 2013.

skin scan

Nicolas from Surface Imaging offered us a free skin-scan with his Visia machine and software. The machine is able to map skin texture, existing solar damage, pore size, pigmentation problems as well as offer a 7 year future prediction of skin quality. This is an excellent tool in regards to mapping, treatment selection, and follow up.

My results were no static lines (as of yet, but still yay!) and some pigmentation issues as well as solar damage. That teaches me that even though I'm rather good with SPF, I need to continue to be super cautious, because my days as an irresponsible sun worshipper has silently left its mark on me, and now I better get to seriously preventing before I have to start repairing. This can serve as tip of the day to all of you my lovelies, even though we can't see the damage, it doesn't necessarily mean that its not there.



All in all we had an amazing day filled with inspiration and ideas. There were a lot of intriguing skincare brands, like the Polish based Colway using naturally harvested collagen in their products. When I'll be able to test all these wonderful little skincare treasures, I don't know, but I assure you, they will make their way onto ROKderm, at some point!

Now, I'll get back to enjoying my last day in London before heading back to Norway, my family and surgery practice.

Hope you're having a lovely Monday!