My Top Uses for Coconut Oil


I "recently" (a month ago..) did a post on the effects of coconut oil on skin and hair, if you missed it, have a look here. In the spirit of coconut oil (if there is such a thing), I thought it might be good with a little follow up on how I best like to use mine. So, following is a list of my top 7 uses.

  1. Moisturizer — My favorite way to use coconut oil! Transfer a little coconut oil from your jar to your hands, and warm. Then rub all over. Face, hands, legs, hair-ends, if you have it, coconut oil will soften it.
  2. Makeup Remover — Another great way to apply coconut oil.  Transfer a a little of your room temperature oil to a cotton pad or q-tip. Sweep over eyes, skin, and lips as you would any normal makeup remover. I mentioned the benefits of cleansing with oil as a point in my review of the Lavera cleansing milk -link. It dissolves all types of mascara, it's super gentle, and it's not drying.

3.   Lip balm — Massage a little coconut oil on lips, when lips are sore, or when you want a healthy glossy shine. It heals chapped lips, and prevents drying of the lips.

4.   Massage oil/ Lubricant-  At room temperature, good quality coconut oils will take a fluid form, perfect for massages, pregant-belly rubs, and personal lubrication (naughty).

5.   Hair oil -  I tried coconut oil on my hair after my last post on it, and I might have used a little too much, for it made my hair somewhat greasy. All the same, due to its amazing effects on hair (inducing hair growth, preventing, as well as repairing old damage), I think it would be a great protective hair oil to use when on a beach holiday f.ex, or as a pre-treatment before shampoing.

6.Cooking -  Coconut oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids as well as antioxidants. It is also incredibly heat stable, resiliant against oxidation, meaning it can be used at very high temperatures, and can be stored for months, even years without going rancid. I use mine when cooking curries, where it also serves to lift the flavour. It's also great in smoothies, for a healthy, antioxidant rich, thickening effect.

7.   Body Scrub:  Add 1 part sugar to 1 part coconut oil for a moistruizing body scrub. Rub on dry or wet skin in the shower, and remove with water. The coconut oil should leave your skin so soft, you won't have to add another moisturizing step afterwards.

There you have it! My favorite ways to use coconut oil. What's your favorite?

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