The Best Skin Supplement?



I tend to go on about eating right for your skin (as you might have noticed). I believe there's rather a strong link between the foods you eat and your general health, as well as the well-being of your skin.

I recently came across the Complete Antioxidant supplement from myvitamins, that contains everything I want from a skin-supplement (except turmeric, but I use that on my meals), have a  look at this gem of a list:

Vitamin A: 500mcg RE (62.5% RDA*) Vitamin E: 40mg αTE (333% RDA*) Vitamin C: 250mg (312% RDA*) Zinc: 10mg (100% RDA*) Selenium: 500mcg (900% RDA*) Green Tea Extract: 100mg Pine Bark Extract: 50mg Alpha Lipoic Acid: 30mg N Acetyl L Carnitine: 22mg Resveratrol: 20mg Astaxanthin: 100mcg Lycopene: 1mg Beta Carotene: 450mcg

If you missed my post on why I try to include as many and as much antioxidants in my diet as possible, you can find that -here.

Please do remember, a pill will never be able to replace a varied diet of fruits and vegetables, but it will definitely add on to the positive benefits of eating well, and might help combat the stresses that eventually leads to signs of aging. Here's a great and recent review-article on the matter -link.

Personal Opinion and Usage

I've been eating these pills twice a day for about a month now. One with my breakfast, and one in the afternoon with my dinner. I didn't know what to expect really, but one month in, and I'm sure my skin looks better for it. It seems to keep moisture better, it heals better, there might even be a sort of new radiance to it, and although I could attribute all of that to a change in skin-care regimen as well, I saw a change in my skin as early as 2 weeks after starting.

Also, my skin hasn't succumbed to the London smog yet, (post about the skin and pollution)  as it has in the passed, and I'm attributing that, at least in part to this supplement.

A bag of these start at £7.99 for 60 capsules. Get yours from lookfantastic here: Complete Antioxidant

Also, if you need another reason to go skin-care shopping, lookfantastic are having a dermalogica sale, and if you're a skin-care nut like me, you know those don't come around too often. Use the code: DERM to get 15% off when you buy 2 products.

I like the Skin Smoothing Cream , and the Total Eye Care .