Makeup by Organiqs - Review



Organiqs, is a natural and organic makeup brand from Denmark, and I was very happy to receive a few of their products a while back. I have been waiting to review, as I was planning to do a proper "how-to" video of it all, as that's often the best way to review makeup products, but when I attempted yesterday, I realized I had forgotten to press the record button, until after I was finished.. apparently you have to press twice?? Anyway, I might try again later, so there's still a chance you'll see me make a right buffoon of myself on cam.  I haven't done too many makeup posts on this blog, but I might change that, what do you think?

I received 4 products from Organiqs, pictured above. From left to right: lipstick in rose, lip-gloss in rose, bronzing-powder in warm sun, and eye-shadow in smoky black, as well as powder brush No.081.


1. Organiq lipstick: It contains lovely moisturizing oils, such as macadamia nut oil, Babassu oil, jojoba seed oil, and soy -glycine oil, as well as natural waxes such as bees wax, candililla and carnauba waxes. On the lips it feels soft and moisturizing, and gives a neutral almost matte finish, which I love in a lipstick. This color -rose, is a nude pink on my lips, perfect for everyday wear, or when you're rocking a heavy eye.

2. Organiqs Bronzing powder: The powder has been developed from pure and naturally occurring color pigments. It contains organic jojoba oil, bamboo-silk; an odd ingredient that apparently absorbs superficial moisture giving a matte finish, Organic Babassu oil, that has a smoothing effect on the skin, Organic calendula oil, an oil rich in fatty acids with qualities that effectively smoothen and protect the skin against damage caused by exposure, as well as natural vitamin E and Antioxidants.

The Bronzing powder is well pigmented, and beacuse of its matte finish, its perfect for contouring. I use it with the brush on the hollows of my cheeks, at the sides of my nose, and on my temples. The brush is super soft, and applies the bronzer perfectly.


3. Organiqs Lip-gloss: Contains organic sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, sesame seed oil -link to relevant post, organic argan oil, organic carnauba and bees wax. The lipgloss is very moisturizing and non-sticky, which is important to me. It gives a healthy glossy finish, and goes well on top of the lipstick. I place a little on the middle of my lower lip, as a highlight if you will.

4.Organiq eye-shadow: Contains the same ingredients as the bronzing powder. The color of smokey black is perfect for a dramatic smoky eye. I tend to be scared of heavy eye-makeup, as I never think I do it very well, but with this shadow it becomes really easy to make a classic dark eye. It's quite pigmented, meaning it covers well, and it stays on for a long time. I buff it into the crease of my eyelid, and down, almost all the way in to the corner of my eye. I also placed a little on the lower lash line with a small brush.


For my makeup base I used two skin glowing products I've posted on instagram, and that I'll review soon, as well as my Lâncome concealer.

I thoroughly loved these organiqs products, not only because of their skin-conscious ingredients, but also for the alternative and recycle-friendly packaging, which I think sends a beautiful message. Mostly I loved them because they perform well, in addition to taking care of the skin underneath.

All products are 100% natural, and can be bought of the Organiqs website: