Monday Truth



Hello, beloved ones.

I'm yet again drowning in a sea of notes, highlighter pens, and dirty tea-mugs to the steady tic-toc, of my exam preparation days slipping away. I pray the worst of this exam period will be over soon, and I'll have some hobby-time to update the blog with all that is waiting. Ironically, and annoyingly, my most creative moments are often during exam-periods, and so there's so much I've been wanting to write about, but that has to wait a little longer, alas.

Today is Monday, and so I wanted to share this beautiful truth from Mother Theresa to help us all start our week right. I keep forgetting that the outside reactions to what you do or who you are, does not always require your response, and it's hard, but we should keep at it anyway, be happy anyway.

 I'm off to the library soon, to attack my mountain of "to-do's"..

Hope you have a great Monday