My current 3 favorite Sunscreens



This will serve as a short little request post, regarding my current 3 favorite sunscreens.

As you all know by now, I take sun-protection quite seriously (post about sun and the skin), and so spend a lot of time and money trying out different sunscreen options, as often as I can afford.

I recently introduced a friend of mine to the Skinceuticals Physical UV Defense SPF 50 - Fusion 1.7oz (50ml)

My friend fell in love with it instantly, and asked for purchase links, and so I thought why not do a little favorite's post while I'm at it. This is sort of my favorite of the 3, at least for special - everyday occasions, if there is such a thing. I've mentioned it a couple of times before on the blog, most recently I brought it with me to Sicily, as one of my holiday essentials. It blends to adapt to your skin tone, so leaves a light tinted hue, with some sort of very sheer light reflecting particles without being the least shiny, rather its matte, but with a glow (magic). It's also water and sweat resistant, and makes an excellent makeup base due to it's skin-perfecting qualities.  You can get it off by pressing the amazon link above, or from SkinStore here:    

The next one of the 3, is my trusted and well used (as you can see..), Kiehl's Activated Sunscreen for face. I love this for everyday wear, as it gives a sort of dewy glow, and keeps my skin moisturized all day. It also contains a number of great antioxidants to boost sun-protection, and help fight the skin-aging free radicals formed during a day in the sun. This one is super difficult to buy online, so I urge you to grab a bottle the next time you pass a Kiehl's store. Alternatively you could try the Body-version of it here: Kiehl's Since 1851 Activated Sun Protector for Body SPF 50

The next and final favorite of mine is a beautiful tinted-moisturizer variant from Bioderma called Photoderm MAX SPF50+ that gives a beautiful, even, natural finish and sun-kissed face, also perfect for special days when you feel you'd like a little more coverage. I use this for days out when I want to look a little "done" without having to layer on a lot of additional makeup. This one you can get with free shipping off Strawberrynet: Bioderma Photoderm MAX Tinted Sun Cream SPF50+ (Golden Colour) 40ml/1.35ozBioderma Photoderm MAX Tinted Sun Cream SPF50+ (Golden Colour) 40ml/1.35oz