Clean & Clear Blackhead clearing daily scrub and Deep action toner - Review



I have pores.

Well, I know everyone has pores, but maybe not the ones you see in clear daylight, I have those kind of pores - enlarged pores, and don't I hate em. It comes with the skin type, and the genetics, I could also be better at doing regular steaming and extraction sessions, but without an at home steamer, I have not made the habit of sitting over a bowl of boiled water every week, although I most probably should, and so should everyone, but more on that later.

Above you see my newest budget buys for the purpose of reducing those pore- suckers, a creamy exfoliating facial scrub, and an Glycolic and Salicylic acid chemical exfoliant toner.

Dr. Neil Schultz talkes about what enlarged pores are, and the benefit of using both chemical and physical exfoliants when combating them, here:


The cleanser, contains Salicylic acid as the main chemical exfoliant, as well as jojoba esters, and  small blue microbeads to buff off dirt and make your skin squeaky clean. The toner contains both salicylic and glycolic acids, which are great chemical exfoliants. Salicylic acid is great for combating acne, and you might remember my love for the anti-aging glycolic acid- link.

Personal use and opinion:

I bought this duo because I ran out of my winter cleanser- link, which had also become too heavy for the warm summer weather. I found this Clean&Clear option at my local grocery shop, and saw "blackhead clearing" on the description, as well as the simple ingredient list, and decided to give it a try. I tend to be scared of anti-acne treatments, anti-shine treatments and everyhting that at first glance seems drying, and so I've been staying away from them for the larger part of my 20's. This cleanser on the other hand is absolutely not drying which came as a huge surprise to me. The microbeads buff away dirt and excess oil, and because of it's creamy texture it leaves my skin fresh and very clean, and also kind of perked up a little due to the massage of the microbeads.

One small thing of annoyance however is the fact that those small blue beads get trapped in my eyebrows, and find their way to the rest of my face throughout the day, giving me tiny blue freckles.. although, I guess, if I spent a little more time trying to clean out the beads from my eyebrows in the shower, I wouldn't have this problem at all.

The cleanser is well suited for normal to oily skin tones, and is especially great for combination skin due to it's non- stripping cleansing abilities.

The toner smells a little of alcohol, which is kind of scary, especially for a moisture-fanatic as my self, but due to the glycolic in there, it seems to give my skin an added glow in addition to combating breakouts and impurities. This toner is also great for most skin types, especially combination skin, but I would try something else if you have very dry skin.

I've only been using the two of them for the passed week, but I think I'm seeing a reduction in pore-size already. Unfortunately I don't have before and after pics of my skin right now, just a before pic really, but might come back with an update later on when I've been using it for a longer period of time.

These are available at most larger drugstores, and even grocery stores, at a very reasonable price. I think they both come at about £3.50.

Now, back to studying for me! Have a lovely evening everyone.