Exclusive myvitamins discount-code, just for ROKers!!


MyvitsHere comes another exclusive offer by my favorite supplement company, myvitamins. And this time, it's only for you, my lovely ROKers!

I mentioned my favorite myvitamins antioxidant supplement - here. I still take it twice a day, religiously, and I swear my skin is in better shape for it. I also use the vitamin K2 supplement, which helps reduce the formation of dark under-eye circles, that too is having a great effect, and although they are not gone yet, I am currently not using concealer in the daytime, I repeat, NO CONCEALER during school hours!

I also found this amazing antiaging bundle when I had a look through the home-page, and will definitely jump on that with this new discount.

The discount is valid form Today until next week Wednesday.

Use Code: 20ROK for extra 20% off site when you spend £20 or more.

Valid: 22/05/2013 – 29/05/2013

Go get your health and beauty on ROKers!

Have a Happy Wednesday, love