Darkness & Light


image I'm in Norway. I thankfully finished my last med-school exams (woohoo), and will be starting my summer job as a temp.psychiatrist (God help me) on Monday. I'm looking forward to 6 long weeks at home with my family, some extra cash, and some friends-time before the state exam in August. I'm looking forward to graduating, and I'm happy about a lot; my accomplishments so far, the love surrounding me, and my family, but my life is ever filled with duality, and sometimes it's hard to shine with the same brilliance.

Life is a game of balance, I'm learning. And walking on the knifes edge that is existence can be a trying affair.

As I am going through an exiting and also challenging time of change, so will ROKderm soon, and some great changes have already been put in motion. Stay tuned for an update.

Wishing you all a peaceful Saturday,

Love, Rolah