Lancôme Rouge In Love Lipstick 6h - Review



After exams, especially after successful exams, I get this itching urge to buy.  Just.. buy, ehm stuff.  Anything really.  Could be clothes, could be shoes, could be skincare (most often skincare), and sometimes it's makeup. After finishing one of my bigger exams recently, I ended up on a drugstore / beauty-store shop rant, which thankfully "only" resulted in a new lipstick, and a basket full of bath products, and oh.. 3 items from an online clothes store as well, but never mind that! This is a beautyblog, clothes don't count.

I love a good raspberry or cherry colored red lipstick, I have approximately 500 of them in my makeup bag at present, so naturally I had to have one more.. This has fast become one of my favorites though, even THE favorite of the summer.

    Lâncome Rouge In Love Lipstick, is a long wear- 6 hours, sheer, moisturizing lipstick that smells of berries. It's gorgeous! I don't do makeup reviews too often, but this is something I've fallen in love with (pun intended) adequately enough for a share here on ROKderm.


The lipstick glides on smoothly, and leaves a healthy moisturized almost glossy finish. It's really well pigmented, although being light in texture. Good stuff.


The lipstick comes in a number of fresh colors, but this in Midnight Crush nr. 383 is definitely the one for me! It's  perfect for warmer skin-tones I think, but I'm sure this color would look great on all skin tones and colors. It's very natural, in a pink sort of way.. hm.

And then there's the question of durability, does it keep it's word and stay put for 6 hours? I don't know about 6 hours, but it sure stayed on for the larger part of 4 the last time I counted. Have a look at the picture below.


 My hair was a mess, my face was covered in sweat, it was late, there were drinks, it was warm.. but there's still a fair bit of color on those lips! Good job Lâncome.

Of course I couldn't find my shade on strawberrynet, but they do have a number of other lovely colors, I especially like the look of this Rosy one:  Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick - # 240M Rose En Deshabille 4.2ml/0.12oz

Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick - # 240M Rose En Deshabille 4.2ml/0.12oz