Two great SPF top-up products



Hello, lovely ROKers! I'm back with a short post on two purse favorites for summer.  You all know by now that SPF is super important in order to prevent excessive skin-aging, as well as skin cancer. That's why I keep posting about sun-care products here, I'm a well known fanatic.

When and how to apply sunscreen, can be a complicated enough affair in itself, but then you also have the pain that is 'reapplication'. It's easy on the beach when you're already greased in with the stuff head to toe, but during big city living, it can be a little more difficult to crack the reapplication code, and apply SPF adequately and often enough, many times on top of a full face of makeup. I need to get better at this myself. The fact is, our sunscreen has an expiration date of 2 hours passed application, from when on it looses it's effectiveness. Hence, enter the sun-stick and mineral SPF!

This Peter Thomas Roth mineral SPF powder product has been featured here on ROKderm before. It's been a trusted purse companion of mine for a long time. This is great because it's easily applied on top of makeup, anywhere anytime, and it gives a matte result, that seems to even out the appearance of the skin. The powder is white on the brush, but melts seamlessly into the skin, leaving no traces behind. Because it comes with a brush, you can easily brush product over shoulders, arms, hands and anywhere else you might need some extra protection.

Of course this product will not protect as well as a cream or lotion SPF would, but it's still a good backup to have for long days out, or while driving (of course only apply while car is still!).

I picked the sun-stick up last week, and love it for extra needy areas, such has under they eyes, around my mouth, as well as stroked over forehead and hands, then blended with fingers. This also disappears beautifully into skin, and can be applied on top of concealer f.ex.

I found the Mineral SPF -here, but I couldn't find the stick online. I bought mine from the pharmacy here in Norway.

Wishing you a lovely evening!