Dearest loveliest everyone.

I thought it might be time for one of my short and always very ambivalent updates.  I'm 2.5 weeks into my summer job, and still having a lot of fun in psychiatry! Despite the obvious. Most of my days are spent being sleepy, and busy, and happy at work, and lately also being happy with friends and family (especially in weekends).  Summer is finally making an appearance in Stavanger, and I'm looking forward to the weekend extra much this week, just for that reason.

I've been a little undecided about what I'll do next year regarding jobs, but as I was recently offered an amazing position at the surgery ward here in Norway (!!!), I realized that 6 months to a year at home would sit well with me and family at this point, especially since I've been away for 6+ years..  London will have to wait, but I will have weekends off, and some weeks of payed vacation to travel in *bliss*.

It is strange how life has a way of working out, making your mind up for you and lead you to where you should be, at that point, as if someone or something knows something about you or your path that you, yourself have yet to discover. I don't mean to be heavy, but I feel as if  madam Faith has stepped in, and just at the right moment..

Peace, and light