My July Favorites



I tend not to switch products fast enough in order to write monthly-favorites-posts, but here at least is one for July!

This is a glorious mix of  affordable and some not equally as affordable products. I've used most for a while, and the deodorant just a day or two, but because it made such an impression on me, I've made it a July-favorite already.

I'll save in depth reviews of  the products for later, but will tell you a little about why I like them so much here, as well as links to product-sites.

From left to right:

1. SkinMedica C+ E Complex: This is my newest  anti-oxidant serum. This is a high concentration (15%) Vitamin C and E serum, perfect for summer when it's extra important to include anti-oxidants in your skin-care routine, as UV radiation is at it's highest, and your skin needs all the protection it can get. This serum is velvety smooth, and extremely fast absorbed! I mean super fast. Perfect underneath an SPF moisturizer, or even better, a sunscreen. Check out my favorite sunscreens right now, -here. You can read about what vitamin C and E do for your skin, -here.

From Strawberrynet: Skin Medica Vitamin C+E Complex 28.3g/1oz Skin Medica Vitamin C+E Complex 28.3g/1oz

2. SkinMedica Tri-Retinol Complex ES: I'm on my third bottle of this stuff! So it's safe to say it's been a favorite for quite some time. I've mentioned it before  -here. Retinol is a number one anti-aging, and anti-acne ingredient, and if you haven't invested in a similar product yet, I strongly suggest you do. For more information on the effects of retinol, check out my retinol post.

Product description:

"An ultra-powerful anti-aging treatment Formulated with three forms of vitamin A highly concentrated with retinoids Developed with patented Microsponge® delivery system to offer gradual release over time to reduce irritation Accelerates collagen production to eliminate appearance of fine lines & wrinkles Promotes cell regeneration & cellular turnover to boost skin’s tone & texture Minimizes appearance of age spots Unveils firmer more flexible & younger looking skin." 

This is great because it comes in a pump-bottle, which is also UV and air-tight. One pump is enough for the whole face. You really shouldn't use more, as one pump is enough for the wanted effects, and too much might give you adverse reactions. It is also absorbed fast, which makes it easy to follow with another moisturizer should you wish too.

From Strawberrynet: Skin Medica Tri-Retinol Complex ES 28.3g/1oz Skin Medica Tri-Retinol Complex ES 28.3g/1oz

3. StriVectin-SD Intesive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles: This is a new product, I've mentioned my love for StiVectin products before, but this is their absolute super star, known to reduce stretch-marks and wrinkles both.

Disclaimer: "A treatment that contains firming agent & hydrators Optimizes skin tone & texture via glycosaminoglycan & collagen synthesis Visibly reduces appearance of stretch marks indented surfaces & wrinkles Improves skin thickness/firmness & irregularities in skin discoloration Fast penetration & leaves skin smooth silky & youthful To use: Apply sparingly up to 3 times a day for 4-6 weeks for best result." 

I've used mine for about 3 weeks as a night-cream on retinol free nights. It tingles a little when I apply it, which in my mind translates into " I'm working wonders here, you can feel me getting down to business". So far, I've noticed my skin looking extra firm and fresh when I wake up the next day. The long-term effects are of course not evident yet, but I'm feeling confident that this is working. Also, I doubt it would have the cult status that it currently enjoys without actually delivering on effects. I have a few stretch-marks, but haven't been consistent enough with applying this cream on them yet, so I'd rather come back to that part of the effect specter at a later date.

From feelunique: StriVectin SD- Intesive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles

4. Dr.Hauschka Deodorant: Just bought this the other day, tried it twice, once during a spinning class, which is perhaps the best possible way to test a deodorant, and guess what, it works! It's completely organic, smells wonderfully floral in the best sort of Dr. Hauschka-y way, and best of all, its paraben and aluminum-salt free! I've gone deep into the effects of parabens in cosmetics -here, and on aluminum in deodorants -here.

Get it from lookfantastic: Dr. Hauschka Deodorant

5. GoodSkin Exten-10 Instant Youth Boosting Moisturizer SPF 15:  This is my current moisturizer. It has a low SPF, but as I'm indoors all day working, I find this sufficient. I also top up with my SPF top up products during the day. This keeps my skin moisturized all day, as well as nice and glowy.

This is how it works:

1. HA Brightening Blend. An advanced combination of skin’s ultimate hydrator, hyaluronic acid, with brightening technology instantly and measurably helps restore youthful vibrancy to dull, aging skin.

2. Sirtuin Power Complex. Supports skin’s natural stimulation of proteins, boosting its ability to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles with impressive results. Also helps skin resist daily, aging stresses to prevent future damage.

3. Triple Sunscreen Technology. Of course, the scientists at GoodSkin Labs didn’t forget about the #1 cause of aging: sun exposure. Exten-10™ includes a unique broad spectrum SPF 15 complex to keep skin protected from UVA/UVB damage all day long.

I don't think any of those 3 points were specifically clarifying, but I do feel it is making my skin firm, and plump!

From Amazon:  GoodSkin Labs EXTEN-10 Instant Youth Boosting Moisturizer SPF 15 and Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift+ Circle Reducer Duo Set

6. Yves Rocher Organic Moisturizer: This is a suprising little number! Very hydrating, velvety, almost mattifying, and lovely under makeup, as a moisturizing night-cream, as the only thing on my skin during workouts, and on lazy days at home. Also, it's super affordable (£4.20) on sale at the Yves Rocher UK website.

7.  Aussie Dual Personality Curl definition + Soft Feel Serum: I first bought this in London, loved it, and bought one for Norway as well. Contains jojoba-oil, and gives soft, and wavy hair with a beautiful shine. Also it smells lovely. This can be bought from VITA stores here in Norway, and from Boots in London.

8. COLLISTAR Eye Contour Serum-Gel:  This is an anti-aging, anti-dark circle eye-gel, that melts into skin fast, which is important for application of an SPF after, as well concealer. I have minimal amount of time for my skin-care routine in the morning, something I suspect most of you struggle with as much as me, so eye-gels are always appreciated, especially now in summer. This one I got from Douglas.

9. AHAVA Time to Hydrate Gentle Eye-Cream:  It's all in the name. It's a gel cream that hydrates very well, and which is also gentle. Haha, I'm sorry but it's true! I like it because of everything already mentioned. It's just a really great eye-gel for summer that also seems to help with my under-eye bags.

From Strawberrynet: Ahava Time To Hydrate Gentle Eye Cream 15ml/0.51oz Ahava Time To Hydrate Gentle Eye Cream 15ml/0.51oz

10. Talika Eylash-Lipocils: I promise to return with a proper review of this AMAZING product. I even have before pictures of my lashes for you. I definetely see a difference in my lashes, they are longer, and more in number than before. For now this will be all I'll say. Feel free try it yourselves as I get my review ready.

From feelunique:  Talika Eyelash-Lipocils.