Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Deodorant - Review

Dr.Hauschka deodorant

Dr.Hauschka deodorant

Hello! Long time no blogging.

I'm sorry, I'm a working girl these days, freaking out over the fact that my State Exam is approaching in the spare time I do have. Here at least, is a little post I've been wanting to write.

After my post on Aluminum salts in deodorants, I was left with an uneasy feeling about the whole thing, and made a decision to switch to aluminum salt free versions. I've mentioned some of my tried and tested options in this category before, one being the La Roche-Posay 24h physiological deodorant.

So far, I'm doing well on my quest for the perfect aluminum free deo. Because you do sweat while using these, I have come to accept that my armpits will never reach the same dry crispness they used to have, but as long as the moisture is minimal, and nice smelling, it's a small price to pay for health! Also, *clearing throat* I do keep a regular antiperspirant around, for those very tight sitting sweaters and situations.

This Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Deodorant is my newest deo buy, and now love. I mentioned it briefly in my July skin care post. The floral smell is so nice,  soothing, a little herby, and very luxurious in that organic Hauschka-y way. I actually look forward to putting it on every morning for that reason!

In regards to effect, it keeps my armpits dry for most of the day, so around 8 hours, depending on the day..  giving off whiffs of its lovely flowery scent when things get hectic. Also love that I can apply this directly after shaving, no stinging sensation what so ever.


"Naturally control perspiration without clogging pores with the soft floral scent of Dr.Hauschka Deodorant Roll-On Floral. Ideal for sensitive skin, it is infused with neem leaf and sage extracts to soothe and purify the skin.

A nurturing and long-lasting roll-on, Dr.Hauschka Deodorant Roll On Floral is quickly absorbed, non-sticky and does not sting. The jasmine and lilac essential oils give a soft floral scent and all odours are absorbed without clogging pores. Free of anti-perspirants, the formula combines hazel and sage extracts that will purify and invigorate keeping you fresh all day long.

Anti-perspirant deodorants are aluminium-based preparations that are acidic in character. These preparations are highly astringent with the aim to constrict the pores, which in turn drastically reduces the output of sweat. The Dr.Hauschka Deodorants contain zinc ricinoleate that dissolves odours and triethyl citrate (a natural product) that inhibits enzymatic decomposition of sweat."

Get yours from lookfantastic here - Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Deodorant