20130912-194049.jpg And then suddenly, I was an adult.

Hello you loveliest of blog-readers. I've been very occupied with my new and quite wonderful job at the hospital here in Stavanger these last weeks, I'm still very much alive and kicking despite the drought here on ROKderm. Its early days, job-wise, but apart from my chronic awkwardness in new social settings, it's been really cool! I've been meaning to do an update post after finishing my final ever ever ever med.school exams, but then, you know, life happened. It has a nasty habit of doing that, happening I mean.

Tomorrow I'm off to Hungary to get my diploma, I'm looking forward to a way too hectic weekend filled with food, family, friends and love. Not necessarily in that order. Perhaps I'll make a picture series post of the weekend and give you a little update of my journey when I return next week. In fact, I WILL DO THAT.

Hope you're having an amazing week, and I wish you all a great weekend!

Lots of love,