A short, but long overdue New Year update


Hello Everyone.

As you've probably noticed by now, there's been rather little going on over here these last months, not to mention year, to my great grievance. Between my job at the hospital, at the BeWell clinic, and with the book I'm constantly juggling between "what needs to be done today" and "what can wait until it needs to be done today". I love everything that's happened in this short amount of time, and I'm overjoyed about the work I'm allowed to do, but unfortunately the blog has had to suffer for it. I will however never give up on making time for it, so here it goes! A fresh start, again. I hereby pledge to post at least something, preferably of value every week! And with that you have my one New Year's resolution. :)



2014 was huge for me. Frisk Hud got published, and sold out, I started working at BeWell, doing all sorts of cosmetic treatments I love, like the PRP treatment or the Vampire facial as it's also called, I partook in courses on non- surgical- facelifts which I am offering in the clinic - now at a reduced price I might add- more on that later, and I've been lucky enough to partake in interviews in newspapers and magazines, on radio and TV, and make new contacts throughout the year that I think will make 2015 even more exciting.


As time flies, and it literally does, with a jet engine, I am finding it hard to take it all in. But I guess it's only when it stops you'll have the energy to do that, and I've chosen this pace. 2014 set everything in motion, and I can feel myself moving steadily in the direction of.. something good. The route to my goals, and my goals themselves are changing, but it all seems to magically be falling into place non the less, and I am grateful. barcelonaworldwideexpertsmeeting

In 2015 the book is coming out in a new and revised version, as soon as i finish revising.., I am starting my last rotation in my residency and will be  working as a GP the next 6monts before I move to Sweden. Yes that's right, my long and lonely vagabond life is coming to an end! I am also continuing my work at the BeWell clinic, even after the move to Sweden, but in the new mall in Sandnes - Bystasjonen from April.

Updates will follow as ROKderm and I grow and expand our horizon.

Until next time, have a blessed Sunday!

- Rolah