Is Beauty incompatible with Feminism?

As a child my mother described me as strong willed, stubborn, a book worm, eccentric, opinionated and independent. Much like my mother herself. Unlike her I was also vain and preoccupied with beauty, products, clothes, the exterior. This despite my mothers efforts to keep me away from it. Mirrors where forbidden in the bedroom, she never told me I was beautiful, but rather praised me for my accomplishments, and when someone would utter "she's so cute!" she never said thank you, but was thoroughly annoyed at the remark. As I travel further into womanhood and the beauty industry, I feel myself drawn between the opinions of these two forces, Feminism and Beauty. It's a sheer, and delicate subject, and as I try to find the words to describe it, I feel it slipping as I type.

The fact is, there is a strong sense of feminism in the beauty industry. It was, and is till governed by women entrepreneurs, and it was perhaps the first business platform we were allowed to excel in. I love that. Beauty in itself is not of value, but that does not mean it compromises equality. I think it is paradoxical to deny women an interest in their exterior selves - in the name of equal rights. Women come in all shapes and forms, are ruled by different wants and wishes, do good and evil, and should be allowed to be exactly what they are, whatever that might be.

For Feminism & Beauty, Happy 8th of March!

- Rolah