Can PRP cause cancer?


Today I was asked a bunch of questions about the PRP treatment I perform, how it works, what procedure and kit I use, and lastly is it dangerous or more precisely - does it cause cancer? The short answer to that question is NO.

Here's the longer, medical version:

"The growth factors immediately bind to the external surface of the cell membranes of cells in the graft, flap, or wound via transmembrane receptors. The importance of this is that the PRP growth factors never enter the cell or its nucleus, they are not mutagenic, and they act through the stimulation of normal healing, just much faster. Therefore, PRP has no ability to induce tumor formation and has never done so.” (Marx, RE, 2001), (Schmitz, et al, 2001)


For more general information on this totally natural way to regeneration read my first ever blog post on ROKderm about it, here, and Maren's great review of my very own treatment (only in Norwegian) - here.

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That was all I had to say about that matter. I am also waiting to share a new post on how to get skin spring ready, but I'm having trouble with my product links, so bear with me!

Until then, have a great weekend!