Practice What You Preach - My PRP results

In January I underwent my own Vampire Facelift procedure, at the hand of my cosmetic doctor college and husband-to-be, Dr.K. I was very excited, and had been waiting a long time to have it done. There's been a lot written about it here on ROKderm over the years, for more info on the treatment look here, and here.

Beware of a long line of horrific pictures of yours truly. I do it for the love of PRP.

First things first, did it hurt? Yes, yes it did. I was premenstrual and tired, and as we all know that's a perfect recipe for hypersensitivity.


 I have had patients experience pain one treatment, and feel basically nothing the second time. Pain is all very subjective, and greatly influenced by other factors like hormonal status, stress levels, and immune status. I got to experience how it felt at perhaps the worst moment of my cycle, but it still wasn't so bad that I needed to end it, and after, I felt like I had accomplished something great, and suffered slightly only to harvest benefits many months and hopefully years to come.


When all my serum had been injected throughout my face and hands, I looked a little red, swollen and minimally blue at certain points, but nothing too major.

The day after I was still somewhat swollen, but much less. I started massaging areas of blue marks, to make them disappear faster. After a week all my marks were gone.

After 2-4 weeks I felt my face glow, and it seemed fuller, and tighter than before. Everything happened very subtly, but I suddenly noticed that my face didn't look as tired as it used to do during night-shifts, and after a long day at the hospital + clinic.

At months 2-3 my small wrinkles around my eyes, and mouth weren't as prominent anymore. But as time went by, it was hard to find objective changes. On the 20th of April, in my 3rd month post treatment, I got time to take a new VISIA analysis at the clinic, to check what had happened. The last time I took an analysis was August -14.

The VISIA machine is an excellent tool to monitor progress of treatments and products, as well as predict future skin status.


The above picture measures "spots" or any unevenness on the surface of the skin. I had gone from a very average score of 50% to a great 74%. Also my dark circles and nasolabial folds (the line between the nose and mouth), had become less prominent.


The skin around my eyes had become tighter and the lines less prominent. I went from a bad score of 28% til 58% - that's a 30% improvement!


My skin texture had also improved from  a good score of 90%- 95%.


My pores were very prominent, and is a sign of aging as we get older due to lack of skin elasticity. I had gone from a very low 26% score to a 75% score! That's a huge improvement of almost 50%! Also the improvement of my dark circles is easy to compare in the above photo.


Surprisingly, I also had improvements in UV damaged tissue. This is a revealing photo showing you what a former sun worshiper looks like underneath the surface. Do you now see why I go on and on about the SPF? Anyway, I had gotten improvements also in this area, this after a 2 week vacation in Croatia last summer, and loads of UV exposure in the 9 months since the first analysis.


Lastly, my skin bacteria colony had decreased by 60%. This is a category that is very influenced by oil-levels, and products, as well as pore size.

So there you have it! The proof is in the pudding. I had improvements in every aspect of the analyses, and my skin is now in better shape than it was almost a year ago.

It is important to know that the PPR-treatment takes time to show it's effects, and that results and time in which those take place varies greatly from person to person. For younger individuals 25-30 years of age, I recommend one treatment every 6-12 months, for 30 years and above I recommend a course of 3 treatments, then 1 treatment every 6-12 moths to maintain and boost results. Some in the same age group might be better candidates and harvest greater results by doing a facelift using absorbable threads. Stay tuned for a piece on that later!

For a free PRP or Threadlift consult contact the BeWell clinic. If you're in Sweden, my über talented man, Hadde Kader performs this treatment, contact his clinics directly, here.