Impressions from the CCR expo 2015

The annual CCR - Clinical cosmetic & Reconstructive expo was held in Olympia London last weekend, this was my first time, and my fiance - Hadde's second time.

The expo featured loads of interesting talks and live demonstrations on everything from face-lifts to lip injections. It's always good with an academic refill. Also this expo was a great opportunity to talk to medical distributors regarding possible buys for our new clinic in Stockholm. More on that soon :) 

For my part I was mostly interested in hearing about the advances in cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. There were 2 very interesting talks on this, one from IS clinical on business and skincare, and another from the head of formulation of Obagi. The take home message from these were, I guess, stick to tried and tested ingredients (which I'm a big supporter of already), and use your cosmeceutical brand as part of your business, i.e have them work for you in every way possible. Interesting concept.

We also got to test the Ultherapy machine, which felt like a little zing, but not painful at all. Ultherapy is a very interesting non surgical anti-aging treatment. I first wrote about it exactly 3 years ago this month, have a look here.


I left the expo a little wiser, and filled with more ideas than ever. I love being inspired and pushed to up my game, and events like these are the perfect opportunity for inspiration. Now I just need to sort out what to incorporate into my ROKderm vision..