Guestpost: Separating Laser Treatment Facts from Myths

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When you're considering undergoing something as serious as a laser treatment, it's important to have all your ducks in a row, as the saying goes. You have to know exactly what to expect out of the procedure from the moment you make the appointment straight through the recovery process. So, it's time to separate some facts from myths.

Laser Clinics Just Take Money with No Results

One big myth is that these procedures are a total waste of money and just designed to make clinic owners richer. There are a couple of reasons that some people think that way, though. One is that most laser procedures don't show results right away. It takes multiple treatments, but that's only because that's how they work. They are far less invasive than surgeries, which might show more immediate changes.

Another reason that some people claim laser treatments are a waste of money is that they are simply having the wrong laser treatments. Each person and each machine is a bit different. That's why it's important to be treated by a highly trained professional who can tell you which procedure is right for you.

Lasers Are Actually Dangerous for Your Skin

Some people might not understand how these machines really work. They might have visions of huge holes being blasted through the skin, but that simply isn't the case. Each treatment is designed to be very precise and these treatments are on an almost microscopic level.

The one bit of fact in that myth is that lasers do damage the skin, but they do so in a safe and temporary way. In fact, their goal is to cause tiny bits of damage that are easily fixable so that your body's healthy cells will send “repair teams” in the form of elastin, collagen, and similar natural materials to fix the damage. In the process, all of the skin in the treated area should begin to look healthier over time.

Laser Treatments Are Totally Unnecessary because Creams Also Work

Another myth is that creams can fix anything that lasers can fix. The bit of truth here is that some creams and lotions do treat certain skin problems really well, but that's only true for specific problems. It's also only true when the lotion or cream is applied consistently for a long period of time.

There are actually several types of skin problems that just may not go away without clinical intervention. Laser devices are a big part of that. However, there are also other clinical treatments available, including chemical peels. So, there is some truth to the fact that lasers aren't necessary for everyone, but they can seem like real life savers to some people.

With all of that in mind, the skin treatment you choose is up to you, but you shouldn't take that choice lightly. Always consult professionals before you do anything potentially life-changing to your body. Just because these treatments are popular doesn't mean they are right for every person, but you can find what is right for you by doing a bit of research.