Whitebox - a new way to lighten skin?

From our Whitebox course-day at Wigmore medical, Harley str. London

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going as smoothly and painfree as possible. For my part it`s been nice and busy here at the BeWell clinic, taking some time in my lunch break now to do a little post on this new skin lightening treatment I`ll be offering at the clinic from now on - Whitebox.

While I was in London for the CCR expo, I also managed to partake in a course on a new and so called revolutionary skin lightening treatment. Revolutionary because it uses injections and mesotherapy instead of abrasive chemicals to help lighten the skin from within. The injections are placed in all areas of pigmentation damage or uneveness, before mesotherapy is performed over the injected material. It is also quite extraordinary because there is no downtime after having the Whitebox, meaning you wont have to stay at home to peel away dead skin, be excessively dry or have any problems going about your normal day directly after. The Whitebox will however work slowly and gently to help even skin tone and promote a more supple skin texture, while also giving antiaging benefits.

The two main ingredients of the Whitebox material is:

  1. Gamma-aminobutyric acid which is a natural aminoacid produced by our bodies with a number of benefits including skin lightening and rejuvenating abilities.
  2. Glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant, that will aid the GABA and promote rejuvenation.

You will get products to use in between treatments, which contain the same ingredients. A serum for daytime and a night cream. As with any pigmentation issue, SPF during the daytime is key to prevent more damage, and not sabotage the treatment.

Results include lightening of pigment, evening out of skin tone, bettering of skin texture and increased softness of skin. All depending on number of treatments and responsiveness, but generally 2-5 treatments are required. As far as I know I am the only doctor performing this treatment in Norway as of now, and I am happy there`s finally something on the market that is safe to use for all skin types, pigment issues, and health issues alike. You can even breastfeed and have this performed without concern.

For more info regarding this, please contact the BeWell clinic for a consultation or appointment for treatment.

Now I`m off to inhale a protein shake a`la J.Lo before my next patient arrives!