A Caudalíe and Crème De la Mer kind of evening

I love taking time at night for a little home-spa, it always makes my skin extra nice and glowy the day after. This is what it's all about tonight, the Caudalíe purifying mask and eeek, CRÈME DE LA MER. The Caudalíe purifying mask I bought in Paris as part of my French Pharmacy haul. I bought this Crème De la Mer a long time ago in London, but I haven't had the opportunity to try it out until now, so I've kept it nice and cool in the fridge. I don't know what came in the way, I think it was a combination of living like a hobo all over the world, studying and practicing medicine, and also summer, since the cream is rather on the rich side.

I'm pretty sure Crème De la Mer is every beauty-junky's ultimate fantasy, and I don't know the number of all the celebrities that swear to everything De la Mer, but I know they are many. Ultimate cool girl (and partly Norwegian) Chrissy Teigen is one of those "la mer disciples", she even uses the body cream version daily. Now, I can finally say that I too have tried and tested this wonder, but I want to try it a few more times before writing a proper review for you, so stay tuned!

The purifying mask is one of the best I have tried so far, I will do a longer review of that as well, but for now I'll tell you it is purifying, but not drying at all, and that is a great accomplishment in it self, so congrats Caudalíe!

Soon I'm off to bedfidshire with a book and my skin feeling very clean and super soft. Tomorrow I'll be traveling back to my Stockholm life and love. I'm also going to post a recipe of one of my ultimate beauty fixes at the moment, so check in for that tomorrow. 

What are your ultimate bedtime rituals?