My first Crossfit experience

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So turns out approaching 30 brings a couple of bodily changes with it. I've heard: "just wait until you turn 30!" a number of times, but as someone who has always been blessed with a high metabolic rate I never believed I too would be a sufferer of a body that won't listen. I'm still 29 so I thought this is a good a time as any to turn this ship around. Also working out increases blood flow to the skin, and may decrease the number of AGE's in your body. 

So I bought a new priority membership with SATS-ELIXIA, which allows me to access all SATS and ELIXIA gyms in Scandinavia (no excuses). I've had periods where I've been a good gym goer, but my life these last couple of years has been so unpredictable with long working hours, night shifts, and commuting between countries so it's been hard to stick with it. 

I did one body pump class in Norway before heading back to Sweden, it hurt, but I felt like it was a good start, so when I saw a crossfit class here in Sweden today I thought I might as well try, push myself and all that. 

The class was 60 min long and consisted of different strength and cardio exercises done in intervals with 10s breaks in-between. Throughout the class you're encouraged to high five your neighbour and say "good job!" which before the class started seemed completely ridiculous, but as the class evolved became maybe the only thing that kept me from staggering out and far away. After the warm up I was ready to hit the showers, so you can understand I felt like I was going to vomit and die for 50 min, but I didn't, and I stayed. 

It's the worst and best class I've ever had. And I'm definitely going again.